Free Webinar on August 10, 2020 at 4pm (45 min)

This webinar in our series on “tech innovation” is about innovation management. The presentation gives an overview of how to work with innovation management as a systematic to use new and hot digital technologies to develop their business. It provides an insight into how the innovation process with design thinking can be applied to find new innovative concepts based on emerging technologies and how these can be developed for quick tests with simple methods.

The webinars consist of 30 minutes presentation of the area followed by 10 minutes open discussion based on the participants’ questions.


What does the Ministry of
Digital Design do?

The MODD Service portfolio consists of a set of client-oriented, mainly co-creative, innovation activities. The end goal is to have a well-grounded understanding of how new and emerging technologies can be applied to an organization to create competitive advantages.

MODD Process™

Our innovation process takes your business from need to idea that is validated and then developed. Our company is unique in that we specialize in doing just that: Innovation from need to function

Trends and challenges Research

Thought Leadership

The foundation is to use general trend analysis methods to understand how the world and markets are changing, while also analyzing how technologies are evolving.

Needs Analysis


In the first overall needs analysis stage we use an investigative process to find the client ́s needs, pain points and opportunities based on the change analysis conducted in the first phase.

Conceptualization and Prototype modeling

An idea is born

Here we create the first technical specification and work on developing the idea. The idea goes from being abstract to being visualized in a basic solution that is iteratively developed and validated against the need.


From idea to reality

From the prototype, we then prepare a plan for how to create a fully functional product. In the plan we aim to first create a simple and functional solution (MVP).

Why collaborate with us?


MODD's service offering consists of a number of customer-oriented, exploratory, innovation methods. The goal is to deliver a solution based on new technology and innovation and create value and advantage for competitors.


We analyze the overarching long-term trends (10-20 years), such as the old population, genetic development, urbanization, etc. Then we pinpoint the effects on a client ́s industry (or general industries).


In the first overall needs analysis stage we use an investigative process to find the client ́s needs, pain points and opportunities based on the change analysis conducted in the first phase


Merging the knowledge from the change and research analysis with the problem areas found at a client we then evaluate how emerging technologies can be applied to innovatively resolve problem by innovative means. Those concepts are then sequentially realized by using a step-by-step prototyping methodology.

Get to know us

Alexander-Ostrow-konf19-2 bw
Alexander Ostrow
Childishly fond of problem solving

Works with the world’s most fun thing: helping companies with transformation, development and improvement.

– From need to value with innovation

Håkan Ozan, CEO Master at Innovation World Champion in Thai boxing

Håkan is a strategic innovation management professional specialized in digital transformation. Håkan has been working with innovation management, in and IT strategy 20 + years.

Stefan Ahlén, Sales and marketing

Stefan has worked with developing organizations in many industries. From medical technology, finance, insurance to mobile phone manufacturing in product companies.

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